Madre e figlia: Tina e Lisa Bilotti

Andy Warhol, Madre e figlia: Tina e Lisa Bilotti

Andy Warhol

Material and technique: 
Acrilico e inchiostro serigrafico su tela
101,6 × 101,6 cm
direttamente dall'artista

Tina and Lisa, wife and daughter of Carlo Bilotti, are portrayed by Andy Warhol in a rare double portrait, which has had happy stylistic results: the sideways pose of the figures, with their elegant elongated necks and the warm colours, accentuated by the matching colours of their lips, exalt the two faces, giving them a classical aspect, although at the same time they have an intimacy in which the mother predominates and protects her daughter. The similarity between the mother and her twelve year old daughter is underlined by the artist’s decision to give them both the same shade of brown hair, which in reality was not the case.

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