Mobili nella stanza

Giorgio de Chirico, Mobili nella stanza

Giorgio de Chirico

Material and technique: 
olio su tela
130 x 97 cm
Galerie L'Effort Moderne, Paris; Léonce Rosenberg (Archivi n. 986), Paris; Dikran Kalekian, New York

This painting has particular relevance as part of the Bilotti gift. The pieces of furniture which are represented, placed in a enclosed area, are the headboard of a bed in hammered iron, a divan, another headboard in wood, standing on the ground, and a dresser; in the background are a rocky wall and a Greek temple. They represent a double mental landscape: the furniture, after having been decontextualised in the outside world, is brought back in, piled up any how, in an interior, dragging fragments of the countryside with it: a temple, reduced in size so that it becomes almost a toy, a cliff overhanging the bed head, a cliff face of columns, the colours of the sunset absorbed into the walls of the room.

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