Guerriero reggente un cavallo alla briglia

Giorgio de Chirico, Guerriero reggente un cavallo alla briglia

Giorgio de Chirico

1953 aproximately
Material and technique: 
olio su tela
60 x 80 cm
Galleria d'Arte La Bussola, Torino; Collezione Ferrari, Novara

A winged horse with wild eyes, tail and mane in disarray, tries to free itself from the grip of a knight on foot in front of it, a semi-naked figure, whose head is covered by a helmet and plume; in the background to the right a renaissance castle, similar to Urbino or Ferrara, nestled on a rise, dominates the coast and the countryside. The combination recalls the baroque atmosphere of Rubens and renaissance poetry. The scene’s expressive quality is achieved with a nervy painting technique and a strong, decisive style which characterises the figures as much as the landscape, in which the sea and the sky unite in the sombre tones of the dense and fleshy brushstrokes.

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